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♚ Cherry Jelly ♚
Kreatywność daje wolność, otwiera na dziwność i dystansuje Świat.
Recent Entries 
1st-Nov-2011 12:47 am - Colors tcg: Trick or Trick 2011 LOG
Candies passed out:

22.10 Gave candy to: akise, bringthefate
23.10 Gave candy to: tales_fan, galearc, hushlust, moon_wolfwriter, chibi_parfait, yamanaika, indigotcg, kikai7, dearmykeysx, love_michiyuki, kearin, nugeyo
24.10 Gave candy to: tonko, animepam, mongoosehwrs, realistic_soul, baredick,
25.10 Gave candy to: kikinioth, suhoons, nazonano, dropsofviolet, experienced
26.10 Gave candy to: chikky2k5, vriska, darkraven616
27.10 Gave candy to: futachimaru, megchan87, ulquiorrasch
28.10 Gave candy to: ouji_tan,arushiraoi
29.10 Gave candy to: enwns89, piraskel
30.10 Gave candy to: kemono_0, kira_diasparkle, soporil
31.10 Gave candy to: wolfie, phibby, kidalana, raylight159, tategamiwolf, stopping,lucathia_rykatu

Received candies:

22.10 yellow from bringthefate, purple from oriharas
23.10 brown from dearmykeysx, red from akise</lj>, grey from darkraven616, orange from experienced, yellow from love_michiyuki, brown from galearc, yellow from suhoons, purple from ulquiorrasch, purple from dropsofviolet, blue from kikai7, grey from tsuruhime, orange from chibi_parfait, orange from tonko, brown from arushiraoi, grey from hushlust, purple from megchan87, orange from futachimaru, red from chikky2k5, red from vriska, green from indigotcg, blue from ouji_tan, red from lucathia_rykatu, orange from kearin, blue from harumonia, purple from nugeyo, yellow from phibby, red from animepam
24.10 green from baredick, brown fromtales_fan, blue from mongoosehwrs, green from miyasaikou, purple from moon_wolfwriter, red from stopping, blue from jessiss, orange from realistic_soul, green from yamanaika
25.10 grey from kikinioth, blue from achuu, grey fromnazonano, yellow from raylight159, green from eccentriccards
26.10 brown from angel_of_faith, orange from kira_diasparkle
27.10 red from piraskel
28.10 green from soporil
29.10 yellow from tategamiwolf
31.10 yellow from enwns89, green from wolfie, red from apairofearrings, puple from cardbutterfly, blue from kemono_0, green from kidalana
03.11. orange from [info]givesrarecards

22nd-Mar-2011 11:39 pm - Ignore it
English mauling - continuation.
My english suck. Rly. I wrote it quickly and I'm to lazy (or not in the mood) to check mistakes.
Today I'm in really bad mood. "Bad" isn't a good word for this. I'm sad, my thoughts hurt me and my heart lost motivation for beating. I lost something very important for me (and it's only my own fault - and that's suck even more). I'm so stupid.
Read about my stupidity...Collapse )
Sorry for mistakes ._.
I wrote "Ignore it" but I really want to have someone who will comfort me :(
20th-Mar-2011 05:58 pm - Spam, spam, spam.
Ok, yesterday I was really BORED so I decided to make some SPAM on my friends dA profiles...
(And my english suck hardly <3)

random spam stuffCollapse )

That was really fun but I used up my motivation to drawing for some time.
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